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Speed skating

What is Speed Skating?

There are four types of speed skating—two on ice and two on wheels. Short track and long track speed skating are the two forms of ice speed skating, and both are Olympic sports. Quad roller speed skating and inline speed skating are the two types of speed skating performed on wheels. The fastest form of speed skating is inline speed skating, which can reach 68 miles per hour / 110 kilometers per hour.

Speed skates

Speed skating is a rather small sport. As a result, the level of engineering and quality of products, compared to other sports is low. As an example, many boots are produced in backyard workshops. It is essential you purchase from a reputable manufacturer. Speed skates can be purchased as a full set. or most manufacturers produce components. These components work together with other manufacturers' skates. An inline speed skate has four main parts. They are; the boot, the wheel, the bearing, and the frame which connects them all. Roller speed skates have the same components as inline speed skates. That is, with the exception of the plate which is used to connect the boots, wheels, and bearings. Ice speed skates are made up of a boot and a blade.


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